Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who is Mr. Picky Pants?

Mr. Picky Pants has the taste buds of a four-year-old. If given the opportunity, he would eat cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets for every meal. The challenge for me, Mama Schquigs, is to find foods that Mr. Picky Pants will eat and not just push around on his plate.

As I try new recipes or techniques, I will post the recipes and step-by-step preparation. Additionally, I will post a verdict on each of the recipes. If Mr. Picky Pants readily ate it and requested that I make it again, it will be deemed "Mr. Picky Pants Approved" and will have the picture to the left. If it was not enjoyed by Mr. Picky Pants, there will be an alternate version of the picture.

Since I first started cooking for Mr. Picky Pants in 2004, we have made some big strides, but each day is a challenge to make healthy foods we both enjoy. Come share this journey with us as we explore yummy, healthy foods that are hopefully "Mr. Picky Pants Approved".

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